About Us

For over 20 years, The Troop has provided professional Historical Event Consultancy and Performance. Underlying our work is a love of history and an ability to combine both entertainment and education for both specialist and general audiences.
The ability to work with Clients to conceptualise and then plan and deliver Historical Interpretation – whether it be within the context of a Museum, Outdoor Event or Filming – has kept The Troop at the forefront of this industry.
The recruitment of the best of performers – Re-enactors, Actors, Commentators, PA, Effects and Pyrotechnics specialists and then melding them together into an exciting arena performance-within timescales and within budget – is our hallmark.
Many of our shows feature exciting equestrian performances and it is fair to say that The Troop were the pioneers of authentic multi period cavalry interpretation within the UK and still continue to be the leaders in this field.

Published Works
Osprey 2017 “The Cavalry Lance”. Alan Larsen with Henry Yallop

“Military Illustrated” Magazine -4 part series from August 1991 on “A 17th Lancer of 1854 recreated”

“The Army of James II 1685-1688” by Stephen Ede Borrett -contributor “Reconstructions” Helion Publishing 2017

Holder of 7.1 Theatrical extension on FAC.